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Here's the new strategy coming from the left. Shameless if you ask me but we need to spread this around a few forums, counter punch this, and make them wish they never conceived the idea.

If you're willing, thanks!

DailyKos said:
Every time you post a hyperlink anywhere on the Internet--including on message boards and social networking sites--it impacts search engines like Google. Also, one of the most common actions undecided voters take online is to use search engines like Google to find information about candidates. As such, shouldn't we learn how to post hyperlinks in a way that helps lead to our preferred political outcomes?

With a new campaign from Daily Kos, Grassroots Search Engine Optimization, you can do just that. By learning about the most effective ways to post hyperlinks, Grassroots SEO will help hundreds of thousands of undecided voters read damaging news articles on the Republican candidate for Congress in their district.

It sounds tricky, but it’s pretty easy. To make it work, we just need a few hundred grassroots activists like you to sign up and take part.

In 2006, we used this technique to reach over 700,000 voters in key congressional districts during the last two weeks of the midterms. With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, we can do even better in 2010.

To get started, sign up here. Once you sign up, you will be redirected to a Daily Kos diary that explains the next steps.
Steps to take action
Before we start engaging in the actual search engine optimization, there are two things we need to do.

First, you need to sign up with Daily Kos campaigns to receive action alerts on how, when, and where you can maximize the way you are using hyperlinks online. Please do so right here.

Second, as a group, we need to find and choose the damaging articles on Republican candidates that we want undecided voters to read. It is only after finding the articles that we can push them up search engine rankings. As such, finding those articles is the main purpose of this diary.

If you click here, you can find a list of the 98 most competitive House campaigns, along with the name of the Republican candidate in those campaigns. All 98 of these campaigns are rated as "lean" or closer by at least one of the following five House election forecasts: Swing State Project, FiveThirtyEight, Cook Political Report, Rothenberg Political Report, and Sabato’s Crystal Ball. The consensus of experts says that these are the 98 most competitive campaigns, and we are going to target them all.

(We are targeting House campaigns since Senate campaigns are so much more difficult to influence, due to their extensive media coverage. Also, Alabama’s 2nd congressional district was rated as "lean" or closer by more than one of these forecasters, but since Democratic Congressman Bobby Bright has said he won’t vote for Pelosi to be Speaker, who really cares if he wins or not.)

So, go over the candidate target list, get your Google on, let’s start looking for the best 98 articles to use. Search for articles on any campaign you wish, and on as many campaigns as you wish. Here are some tips on what makes a good article:

1. Title damaging in and of itself. Not many people who see the article will actually click through and read it. So, it is critically important that the title itself is damaging to the Republican candidate in some way.

2. Name of candidate in title. In addition to a catchy title, it is key that the name of the candidate appear in the title itself. This will both help the SEO effort, and lead to more people clicking through to the article.

3. From a well-known, non-partisan news source. Time and time again, people have sent me links to progressive blog articles to use in these SEO campaigns. Don’t do that. Just don’t. Find negative articles from as high profile a news organization as possible. When high profile can’t be found, then local news outlets will do just fine. Whatever you find, make sure said new organization at least ostensibly claims to be non-partisan.

They list seven "steps" but you get the idea I'm sure.

For those that remember, the poser SF thread was showing up on page one of google because of this very type of action. It went viral and the thread was linked at so many different sites that it took precedence over thousands of similar search results on google.
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