The killing of Ryan Whitaker by Officer Jeff Cooke

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    Ryan Whitaker: Arizona Man Shot & Killed By Police After Noise Complaint

    If Ryan Whitaker had been black, there would still be ongoing riots.

    If Ryan Whitaker had been black, the despicable MSM would still be talking about this on a daily basis.
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    If I can't see you at my door I'm not opening it. Show me who you are then we'll talk.

    And some people shouldn't be cops if the mere sight of a civilian holding a gun makes you wet yourself. Remember, you're pounding on his door. You'd probably do the same thing at your house. Maybe you're better suited to the fast food industry.
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    Why is it just a case of a trigger-happy cop when they wrongly kill a white guy,
    but if they wrongly kill a black guy it's institutional racism and cop is a racist pig ?

    Talk about a double standard!!

    My opinion is that the cop who fired screwed up.

    Officers should *expect* armed citizens to investigate when some stranger shines flashlights around their windows and property, then pounds on their door in the middle of the night.

    Furthermore, it looks like that armed citizen recognized he was dealing with cops and began to put his weapon down and assume a kneeling or submissive position when trigger-happy cops killed him. The victim was a white guy this time,
    if a black guy had answered the door in the same manner I'll bet the same cop would've shot him the same way.
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    Whitaker didn't even know there was a second cop standing behind him. He opened the door and focused to his right side toward the cop's light.

    And those damn flashlights. Why do the cops insist on blinding the person they're attempting to deal with? I'd posit it's a good way to induce "furtive" movements allowing them to up their response if they want to.