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  1. atlsrt44

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    I've never really had much of a problem with the flu until a couple years ago when it downed me for a week. This year I got the flu in December and was sick for nearly 2 weeks.

    I figured well I've got it so I'm ok for the year.

    Fast forward to last week when i come back from pa and get sick again.

    Asked my dr how and he says I got strand a in December and strand b now.

    This is new to me. Anyone else getting hit this year and should I start getting the shot?
  2. Wegahe

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    Yes you should get the shot every year. There is a strand they call the mini flu the shot does not cover which is probably what you had first since it only takes a week to run it's course. the shot covers the major mutations which can sometimes take from 2 to 3 weeks to run their course. Contrary to rumor you CAN NOT get the flu from the shot. People who get the flu after getting the shot had already been infected and the symptoms just had not shown up until after getting the shot. It takes 7 to 10 days for the symptoms to start.

  3. Nemo

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    Back in January I got hit with some strain. Put me flat out for about 2 weeks plus. I got the shot back in Nov. First time I really got any serious flu and second time I got the vaccine. Not sure which way to go come fall.

    Hope they get the right vaccine going this year.

  4. Dawgdoc

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    My whole family got vaccinated in September. My 2-yr old daughter had a runny nose and fever; she was diagnosed with strain A. Other than not wanting to eat with her usual vigor, she never acted real sick.

    A few days before she got sick, the rest of us had very minor cold symptoms. Not sure if we had the least serious cases of influenza that we have ever had or just colds. Maybe being vaccinated did lower the severity.

    The last time I know I had the flu, I was miserable for days.
  5. phantoms

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    The flu shot is designed in advance of the flu season for the main strains they think will emerge. Many times they guess wrong.
  6. moe mensale

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    They've been doing this since the 1950s and have yet to get it right. Maybe a new approach should be looked at.
  7. gsusnake

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    Everyone should get a flu shot. This year’s shot might not have been perfect but it did lessen the duration and severity of symptoms for a lot of folks.
  8. Squid

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    I received my flu shot on Dec 20th then was feeling crappy the next day then really bad.

    No big deal, not flu. Norovirus.