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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by shamalama, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. shamalama

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    I took my new best friend, a Kel-Tec PF-9 (s/n R14xx) 9mm, to the range for its first 150 rounds.

    I grew up around firearms of various types, but I’ve never really owned one for personal defense. The first change in my thoughts was when I got married. At that point I became responsible for the safety of someone other than myself. So I christened our home with the purchase of a Remington 870.

    But then came the recent Virginia Tech massacre. I don’t know why it was this event, but it changed everything I had thought about personal safety. I now understood that government authorities could not protect my family or me. I now understood that calling 911 on my cell phone is not the same as retrieving a concealed weapon from my pocket. I now understood, for the first time, what the Second Amendment was all about. I have the right AND the responsibility to repel a criminal assault that threatens imminent danger of death or grievous bodily injury to my family or myself. That week I decided to legally carry a concealed weapon. My son (who just finished serving his country as a Marine in Afghanistan) has also applied for his license, and my daughter and my wife will probably apply for theirs this summer.


    The first thing I discovered is that she DID NOT enjoy eating range reloads. I had at least one a misfeed per magazine. But, with a little coaxing, she managed to scarf down that plate of junk food.

    Once I got to the box of new factory loads she performed flawlessly. Being that she’s a DAO she’s got a long and heavy trigger pull, but the final break was smooth and crisp and predictable. I found everything about her to be a great improvement over her little sister, my P-3AT.

    And I was able to hold the larger rounds on target much easier too. Not entirely sure why, but I bet it has something to do with the additional weight of the gun. She does bark a little, mind you. At just under a pound, and with a short 3.1 inch barrel, 115 grains of 9 mm FMJ are going to cause some recoil. But I was able to keep all 150 rounds “between the nipples†either one-handed or in the Isosceles at 7 yards, so I’m pleased with our first outing.

    For a little variety I threw in a couple of 100 grain +P Pow’R Balls through her, since that’s what she’s going to be carrying, and she didn’t flinch a bit. At 483 foot pounds of muzzle energy moving at 1475 feet per second (a bit more of both than my son’s .40 Hydra-Shok JHP’s) this should be enough to “remind†bad people to leave me alone, even coming from a “un-macho†9 mm.

    She’s a bit smaller and lighter than the Springfield Armory XD Sub Compact, Glock 26, or Smith & Wesson M&P – and hundreds of dollars cheaper. I have nothing against any of the aforementioned ordinance delivery systems, and would enjoy bringing any one of them home, but until my employer decides to pay me what I’m worth I have to stay within a strict budget.

    Once my K&D pocket holster arrives she will become my primary pocket carry, and I will be carrying whenever I’m out of the house.

    All in all this was a wonderful way to spend lunch hour. I look forward to the next box of ammo I get to shoot, and I look forward to shooting my new PF-9.
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    Sounds like you have a new best friend. I hope you and she are very happy together for a long, long time.

    Please tell me more about the P-3AT. I'm thinking about getting a little bitty poodle-plinker for a carry gun during the hot summer months. So..... Do you like it? How does it shoot? Would you consider it an adequate carry gun? Is it reliable enough for that purpose? What else can you tell us?

    Hey! Inquiring minds want to know...

  3. Dan H

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    Nice choice, I think I want one of these too.
  4. Foul

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    I really appreciate the range report of the PF-9. My wife has the P-11 and loves it, and I need a deep conceal pistol, so this new PF-9 has held my eye for over a week now.
    Looks like it may be my next purchase.

    ps. Is that pinky extension standard or is that a separate mag.? That's the only thing I don't like about the shoot with your pinky dangling out like a fruity Brit sipping afternoon tea.
  5. shamalama

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    Macktee, My P-3AT --was-- my primary front pocket carry until I "officially" took possession of the PF-9 on Father's Day. Now the P-3AT is in my daughter's truck glove box until she gets her CCW license.

    Don't get me wrong here: I have absolutely nothing against the P-3AT, otherwise I never would have bought it in the first place. But, using the available Pow'R Ball ammunition, I have over twice the muzzle energy and velocity plus one more round with the PF-9 at a cost of another inch in either direction and 8 more ounces of weight. And with K&D's holster I shouldn't print any more than with the P-3AT.

    As far as reliability, either polish the feed ramp or stay with FMJ's. I've had a few problems with JHP's not sliding up the ramp while racking the slide, but no problems during firing. But several P-3AT owners like Corbon's DXP, so I guess your mileage may vary.

    The P-3AT will group in center mass at 7 yards every time, which is what this gun is for anyways. They're not Glocks, but their pricetags aren't Glock either. And I believe that they're just as adequate as the .380 ammunition can be. The entire Kel Tec family was originally designed to be a LEO's "last ditch" ankle gun.

    You sight the P-3AT by "dotting the 'i'", not lining the front and rear up.
    _i_ not _._

    But for $50 more you can "upgrade" to the PF-9, giving you a heavier gun with more ammunition options while sacrificing one inch in each direction in size and another eight ounces in weight.

    Foul, the "pinky thingie" is optional, and mine came with it NOT installed by default. You just slip it on the magazine in place of the standard one. I tried it for a few days but decided I didn't like it because it hit exactly ON my pinkie and was, thus, more uncomfortable that "dangling". The distance from the bottom of the trigger guard to the bottom of the magazine is only 1.75 inches.
  6. Malum Prohibitum

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    So, in your mind, this is just as good for pocket carry as your former pocket gun?
  7. DKing

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    Sounds like you had a good time. Before you worry about any other gun, consider buying a quality .22 pistol. Shot a .22 and watch your group sizes shrink with each box. Another great tip is to use the GA summer heat to improve your practice. It's easy to shoot at a range with no pressure, but to shoot when your hot and sweaty gives you more realistic training. Anything to get you out of your comfort zone as you become more proficient.

    Personal preference in ammo, but I like a heavier bullet rather then more velocity. Weight is a constant while velocity is a variable. YMMV.