The Facts - Firearms Deaths at Record Lows

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    Below are some interesting facts regarding firearms safety.

    Firearms deaths from accidents hit record lows in 2004, dropping over 48% in ten years and accounting for less than 1% of all accidental deaths.


    To put the percentages into real numbers, there were 700 accidental firearms fatalities in 2004 (out of a total of over 100,000 accidental fatalities).

    Accidental firearm-related fatalities among children ages 14 and under declined 17 percent when compared to the previous year.

    Firearms accounted for only 1.1 percent of all accidental injuries to children ages 14 and under, down from 1.3 percent reported the previous year.

    Accidental firearm-related injuries were down 3 percent among teenagers (ages 15-19) when compared to the previous year.

    Accidental firearm-related fatalities continue to have the largest percentage decrease of all measured types of accidental fatalities.

    Here is more: ... 022006.cfm

    By the way, these numbers come from the National Safety Council.