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Just so we're on the same page, I understand, Ramm, you're annoyed at the female roommate. The dog, at this point, isn't an afterthought, but for the sake of clarity, leave it out.

My sense is that she crossed a line by forcing something on the rest of you. Painting your living room a nice shade of pink might have done the same thing, without barking or peeing. You would still be expected to "deal" with it.

Instead of giving an ultimatum, may i suggest that you sit down with her, with other roommates if you choose, and tell her that her actions have caused you to be upset/angry/or whatever, that you need the upset to cease, and ask her what she plans on doing to fix the problem.

Try not to gang up on her, or even give the appearance of ganging up. You won't get anywhere if you do, and the reasonable expectation is the stress level will go higher, not lower, if she feels attacked.

I don't know how long you have left for your arrangement, but you really want to have your formerly happy home back, and confrontation isn't going to lower tension.

See what happens with her first. Be helpful. When she sees how upset you all are, she may feel badly, and probably will if you present it right. She'll try to undo the harm, and paint your living room.

Then, if after all this happens, you must deal with the dog, do it thoughtfully and with concern.
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