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Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by Ex313, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ex313

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    Hey Georgia folks,

    I moved down here in the middle of the summer. I had a pretty good grasp of things in my native state, but now I'm in Georgia, I'm lost.

    I'm probably voting for Ballot Amendment 2. Sounds like a good deal for the money.

    I'm generally a single issue (RKBA) voter.

    Can anyone give me some input or point me to some good data? I'm in 30044.
  2. phantoms

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    They passed the Super Speeder law here for that same purpose. It's not raising what they want, so now they want to add more to our vehicle registration for it. What will they want to add next year? Just another way to add a tax/fee to an already over taxed citizenry.

    And especially when times are tough for everyone. How about some cut backs instead of adding more? But that's government for you.

  3. rdeschain

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    I agree. You want the trauma centers to get more money? Go donate. My taxes are high enough.

    I'd also like to add that people should vote against amendment 1 (allow enforcement of non-compete contracts). These contracts are terrible for skilled workers and only serve to make lawyers richer.

    If I decide that another company in my industry is a better place to be, leaving my current job for them should not open me up to lawsuits.
  4. Ex313

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    Thanks. I didn't know about the Super Speeder thing.
    I agree about non-compete contracts. I hate being chained to a crappy company.

    Thanks guys, I wasn't even aware of amendment 1.