The Coconut Revolution!

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    Bougainville is an island that was arbitrarily granted to Papua New Guinea in 1975. The island had an abudance of copper and Papua New Guinea forced the inhabitants to relocate into deplorable housing while a mining company raped and polutaed their rain forest island. In 1988, after diplomatic efforts failed, they began to forcibly resist their arbitrary government. In addition to making firearms, they also made an unbelievable amount of other things with their limited resources. They were granted autonomy in 2005, after this documentary was made.

    Their resistance to eradication proves that even the most ill-equipped civilians, if determined enough, can offset arbitrary government. They also are the prime example of the ultimate fallacy of gun control. A tiny island in the middle of the pacific with an embargo around it and no international friends or aid could not be prohibit from having firearms.