The Classic Center in Athens

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    One of the organizations I'm heavily involved in has moved one its conferences to the Classic Center ( The previous location of the conference in question was the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry which is a publicly owned building and as far as I was concerned made the conference off limits to carry (not to mention the fact that the organization is part of the State Board of Education which raises some interesting 16-11-127.1 issues as well). Anyway, I'm guessing that this location is also off limits thanks to our wonderful firearms laws.
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    I am not exactly sure. There is some kind of inbred relationship, I mean partnership, between the Classic Center and Athens-Clarke County. I am not sure if the center and the deck are considered govt. property or not. I think they might be. Not that this matters really, but the Classic Center is right across the street from both the County Courthouse and caddy corner from the Federal Building.

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    I would say you are correct: