The Cat in The Holster

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    This is Board member [VCDL] Dennis O'Connor's response to anyone who says, "You don't need to carry a gun in a library" (or mall, or police station, or whatever). He spent all of five whole minutes writing this!

    The Cat in the Holster (with our sincerest apologies to Dr. Seuss):

    I pack when I eat
    And I pack when I sleep
    I pack when I groom
    And when washing my feet.

    My gun is with me
    Both day and night
    For defending my life
    In both darkness and light.

    I pack when I'm happy
    Or angry or sad.
    When elated or miserable,
    Dumbfounded or glad.

    I pack when I talk,
    Protest or debate,
    And in neighborly chats
    O'er the fence's grate.
    With people I love
    And with people I hate.

    I'm never disarmed wherever I go
    I'll carry my gun and go with the flow
    some say some places merit self imposed bans
    but I'm too old and fat to defend with my hands.
    To those who object I give not a care
    'tis my life at stake, so I'm always prepared,
    And though I look funny I'm not really that weird.