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....behind Cagle and Deal of course. Well, after Deal's vetoes, he's not really hiding it any longer.

Sooner or later, just about every new health care policy in Georgia has to go through Sharon Cooper. That’s why, even though she often runs unopposed, health-care interests have showered Cooper with more than $812,000 in campaign donations over the years.
Physicians comprise the largest block of Cooper’s campaign donors, giving her more than $349,000 since her first campaign in 1996, our analysis showed.

Other top health-care sectors among her contributors include:
•Pharmaceutical manufacturers ($115,850),
•Insurance carriers & managed care organizations ($92,360),
•Hospitals ($67,800),
•Nursing homes ($47,750),
•Dentists ($28,000), and
•Pharmacies ($21,275).
Physicians and the AMA are renown for their anti gun positions.
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