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Nelson Lund, Ph.D., who participated in the campus carry discussion that was quoted here

has published a political thought paper that's a good read.

First Principles Series Report #62 on Political Thought
Right to Arms and the American Philosophy of Freedom

The Founders of our republic did not think an armed citizenry was the product of a childish infatuation with guns or a response to life on the frontier, and the philosophers who guided them can help us to see why the right to arms continues to deserve its place in our fundamental law. The U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment, is a device designed to frustrate the domineering tendencies of the politically ambitious, and the right to keep and bear arms is a vital element of the liberal order that our Founders handed down to us. The Second Amendment also plays an important role in fostering the kind of civic virtue that resists the cowardly urge to trade liberty for an illusion of safety. Armed citizens take responsibility for their own security, thereby exhibiting and cultivating the self-reliance and vigorous spirit that are ultimately indispensable for genuine self-government.
Armed citizens taking responsibility for their own security, a civic militia, so to speak, was a theme of Robert Cottrol's talk in that discussion.

The video clip links actually still work.

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Great quote. I am genuinely amazed that someone of his caliber continues to hold a teaching position at an American University.

Nelson Lund, J.D., Ph.D., is university professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School.
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