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Thanks for the information

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I have been lurking on the site since finding a link to it from I have found the site itself, and especially this forum to be extremely informative on Georgia's CC laws. One of the things I was surprised to find out was just how restrictive Georgia is when it comes to conceal carry. After learning this, I plan on being part of the solution by encouraging my state representative and senator to support legislation to clarify the current law and to reduce, or eliminate, the areas where CC is prohibited.

I do have some experience with CC as I previously held one when I lived in Alabama, and after going without one for several years located this site when researching how to obtain one in Georgia. I have to say, even the process in Georgia seems to be designed to be restrictive. In Alabama, I literally just went down to the courthouse, paid $20 (I think that was the sum) and signed in a book stating that I was not a criminal. No background checks, no fingerprinting, nothing else at all, and I walked out with a one-year CC permit. Things may have changed since then, as that was back in 1998 or earlier, but it sure would be nice if Georgia was that easy and fast ... same day service!

Currently, I am back in school, which is strange as a 40 year old, but I decided to make a mid-life change in career and what I chose (attorney) requires me to have formal training. I had originally begun researching CC after the Virginia Tech shootings, only to find out that even with a CC permit I would not be able to legally carry while on campus. That is unfortunate, and as I previously stated, is one of the things about the current law that I think needs to be changed.

Anyway, thank you all for your interesting points of view and comments, as I have found them enlightening. I plan on starting the process for my CC permit on the 9th and hopefully will not have to be in bureacratic limbo for too long (I reside in Walton county).

Oh, and by the way Rammstein, I agree with your choice of candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. While Ron Paul and I do not agree on every subject, he most closely represents my beliefs and more importantly, I find him to be the most trustworthy candidate in the current field.
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