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Just got this in my email from SPSU
A threatening incident on campus the evening of April 26 involving a resident of our apartments and currently unidentified occupants of a maroon-colored Chevrolet Suburban automobile, leads to an alert to faculty, staff and students. Occupants of the Suburban included three African American males and two Hispanic females. It is believed they were on campus seeking a specific individual, rather than it being a random visit.

These occupants are considered to be armed, dangerous, and capable of physical assault. Please be aware of this incident and these descriptions. DO NOT attempt to approach these people. Report any relevant sightings and location, or suspicious activities, to the campus Police Department IMMEDIATELY at extension 678-915-5555 so that they can handle the situation.

Please be alert. Thank you.

Ann Watson and Chief Gary Chasteen

Ann S. Watson
Director of Public Relations
Southern Polytechnic State University
I feel so safe that I can just call the police to show up after a crime!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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