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    This was in my inbox. I thought some of you might want to see it:

    You can review the 2006 Tennessee Handgun Permit statistics on the main
    page at:

    We do this research because it shows a historical record that law abiding
    individuals who become legally armed remain law abiding citizens after
    receiving their authorization to carry. Unlike the anti-gun liberial
    media statements that the streets will run red with blood. It has not

    You will find a new audio segment about a law enforcement officer who was
    assisted by a legally armed citizen. Unfortunately, the officer did not
    survive his wounds but, the man who came to his aid put his own life on
    the line to help the officer. This incident is just one of many where a
    legally armed person helped another person.

    Another unfortunate accident occurred in Memphis, Tennessee with a young
    child. You can listen to an audio segment from a young man who has been
    taught about gun safety. Teach all your family members about gun safety
    and fewer accidents might occur.

    The state of Kansas will honor a license or permit to carry a concealed
    weapon in Kansas. Here is the current list:
    Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, kentucky, Louisiana,
    Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico,
    North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West

    States that honor the Kansas CHL are: Arizona, Colorado, Florida,
    Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

    Our web site has come under attack by some group or anti-gun organization.
    I wish I could locate where the problem comes from and they will feel the
    heat from some hot lead!

    The following state Audio Atlas Cd's have been completed:
    Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee
    These work great when you travel. Because they were recorded in
    alphabetical sequence and with track numbers, you can skip to any state
    you want to listen to or; you can just use the track # to go directly to
    the state. Recorded in a prfessional studio so don't worry about any
    scratchey or hard on the ear recording. We have received great comments
    from people who bought one.

    Please continue to help us with collecting data on state, and county
    legally armed numbers. We hope to be able to have some type of number
    within a year that might be the only documented statistics available.

    We hope we continue to give you the type of articles, audio segments,
    video segments, statistics, and information that will keep you informed.
    Please let us know if we are meeting this goal.

    Best regards,
    Gene Kennedy