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    Let me start by saying I've followed the discussion on Temporary licensing process and I believe I understand what is stopping probate judges from issuing a temporary permit.

    When the new law passed it simply says a temporary paper permit is to be issued. PJs are concerned for two reasons about that requirement:
    1.) Our 5 year permit specifies what is to be included on the permit license but does not stipulate what a temporary license should look like.
    2.) They do not want a misunderstanding by law enforcement to accidentally detain someone issued a temporary permit in good faith by a PJ and thus lead to a needless arrest.

    Today I went through the license renewal process in Bulloch County. here is the meat of what took place:

    I completed the paperwork. I was not asked fro SSN or employment information. I presented my Wilkinson County issued permit to them and DL. I signed the form and then took fingerprints at the probate office. Prints were scanned except fro the one print for the permit card itself. Bulloch Probate court is not plugged into NICS for an instant check. When they run the prints they receive response from GBI and FBI. County LEO's pick up hardcopy of paperwork and run for local warrants.

    If all checks out, then a permit is issued in 4-6 weeks.

    I asked about a temporary permit at that time. Current permit expires on October 10th. I showed them the law and they are familiar with the law; but its clear, that statewide, PJs are concerned about the requirements to be included on a temporary permit.

    I expect to know in the next few days what the status is for the permit and will up date accordingly. The lady i spoke with at Bulloch county is very nice and well informed. She'll be researching the question and ask the PJ council and others about requirements for a temporary permit.

    As a college government professor, and someone who has taught concealed carry classes and held multiple state permits at one time or another, their rationale makes perfect sense to me. Their duty is twofold to insure the person being issued the permit is not a risk and to make sure the person issued a permit is not needlessly inconvenienced if held by law enforcement over a questionable temporary permit.

    I'll update this thread when I get a final resolution on Monday.
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    Hello, and welcome!

    Glad to hear you are getting them to review their processes.

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    I see it differently. The law requires them to issue the temp permit. It does not require them to take into account how a LEO may interpret it. They can advise you that a LEO may question it's validity, but that doesn't excuse them from issuing.

    I do understand they are concerned about what to put on the temp permit as it may not be defined for them, but if you look at the wide variety of regular permits we already have, I don't think it really matters much. If they are really concerned, they could just copy their regular permit and add a big "Temporary" text across it, laminating or not would be up to them.
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    Very, very few refuse to follow state law on this issue. You present it like this is common.

    Not so. The law quite clearly says:
    I hope that clears it up for you.