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Teen Expelled From School For Turning In Found Gun


Plainfield Student's Parents Say The Punishment Doesn't Make Sense

CBS) PLAINFIELD, Ill. A 13-year-old Plainfield boy and his parents are stunned and outraged after the teen found a gun in school and turned it in to authorities, who then expelled him.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports Ryan Morgan's parents and supporters attended the school board meeting Wednesday evening to try to fight the expulsion. They believe the punishment, and the subsequent alternative school option, are not the proper responses to a mistake made by a teenage boy.

Ryan Morgan, 13, says he pocketed a pellet gun he and a friend found in their school's bathroom to keep people safe. Morgan's mother says a short time later Morgan gave the gun to the Troy Middle School assistant principal.

"I told him maybe that wasn't the best decision, to remove that gun, but it did lead to you finding the culprit, he was arrested and to put my son in alternative school -- he has no behavior problems," Audrey Morgan, Ryan's mother, said.

The Morgans say there was no reasoning with the principal or with the school superintendent.

"He said, 'The board can give your son full two-year expulsion, I'm asking you not to go before them,'" Audrey Morgan said.

They went anyway, saying they had nothing to lose, only to see the meeting minutes already recommend expulsion.

Roy Morgan says he can't accept that, but accepts his son's decision.

"He said 'I'm going to turn this in' and you know what, I commend my son for making that decision. It was the right decision," he said.

School board officials issued a statement Wednesday night saying due to confidentiality reasons they can't discuss the specifics of this case, but that "purposeful possession of weapons is a serious offense and deserves careful consideration by the administration and the school board."

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pro2am said:
Public brains. I hate stories like this because it makes me feel like :puke:
You are, unfortunately, 100% correct...

As long as they can follow the zero tolerance line, they don't have to think or defend their actions. These are the people who are supposed to be educating our children. God forbid they ever have to make a decision or consider what's best for the kids.

This country is in far worse condition than its founders could have ever imagined! Sad...

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How Long Delay?

How long after the kid "found" the gun in the bathroom did he turn it in? Did anyone else see him handling the gun between those times? Did he keep possession of it longer than he had to? How do we know the kid is telling the truth, anyway?

I have never found a gun. Well, only my own guns, which I occasionally lose in my own house and / or vehicles. I've never found an abandoned gun, or someone else's lost or stolen gun. And believe me, I look for guns on the ground everywhere I go. I'm constantly scanning for a 6" nickle-plated Colt Python, or a H&K squeeze-cocking P7.

One time I had the opportunity to buy a stolen gun. I wanted to, and I tried to, just to get it off the street and out of the hands of the crackhead who offered it to me. I would have turned it over to the police within minutes, along with a full description of the guy I got it from and a detailed statement about the incident. I would not have been guilty of any offense (but then I wasn't in a school, either!)

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Actually, I have found a gun before.

Some years ago when I still lived in TN, I was eating at the Perkin's resteraunt in Kingsport, and happened to look at the booth next to me.

Lo and behold, there was a compact semi-auto pistol sitting on the bench, all by its lonesome.

I wrapped a paper napkin around it (so as to not put my prints on it), and took it up to the manager of the place and informed him of where I found it. He was about to call the cops when the guy who owned it came back in, looking rather sheepish.

Must have fallen out of his holster when sitting there and eating.

He had a carry permit, so the cops weren't called, etc.

So...yes, it does happen.

And, I *detest* the "zero tolerance" policy.

Zero Tolerance = Zero Brains

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Let me say first, I do not like zero tolerance.

Now, the reason why zero tolerance is such a big deal to local administrations is because they are afraid that a bad decision will come back to bite them later.

Say the school ignores the cries of help from a young disturbed child and that child does something really bad (the extream would be killing other people), then people will naturally wonder why nothing more was done.

Seeing that some school administrators either did not do their job properly by getting the child some help because of understaffing or they are the type that believes that the environment around the child is at fault, instead of the child themselves (bullies), zero tolerance is their way out of liability.

Now they don't have to do anything or think about things anymore. With zero tolerance, the child that nearly every day gets beat up and has their lunch money stolen is just as guilty of fighting as the theif.

Once a kid feels the school is not going to protect them, God forbid the child were to call attention to their situation by carrying a knife to protect themself. Nope, it is not a desperate cry for help, it is a reason to send them to an alternative school, with even more of the same bullies.

Once upon a time, schools were actually interested in figuring out the difference between a bully that carries a knife for intimidation and a kid that carries a knife for protection. Nope, one and the same now.

In fact, just so we know that schools no longer care about figuring out the problems faced by children in schools every day (medical, mental, or peers) lets expel kids that bring toe nail clippers to school too.

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I did not want to put any political statements into my last post, so I saved them for this one.

I believe zero tolerance is the product of the ideals of those in charge of our schools. The current majority of administrators of schools are those of the left to far left of the political spectrum.

I see large parrallels between our school's zero tolerance policy and liberal nanny state countries like England.
In both places, the victim who dares to defend themselves and fight back can be punished with a larger penalty than the actual criminal.
In both places, punishment for an action is far more important than the reasons for an action (self defense is not a valid reason).
In both places, it is (somehow) better to do the easier task of creating and maintaining the appearance of safety and security by prohibiting the possesion of certain items (which has been shown not to work) while ignoring the reasons and causes why (I guess by assuming it's the drugs or the weapons that made them do it), while the harder task of finding and reducing the reasons and causes why is not acceptable (even though it would reduce the crimes).

Which is best summed up by saying that liberals prefer feeling safe and knowing that something (anything) is being done for them, is better than actually being safe and accepting responceability to help/protect others and yourself.

One other thing before I step down off my box, anyone else ever notice how left wing political advocacy groups will blindingly focus on a single point and support goals that in no way will actually do what the group should stand for? An example would be the many groups claiming to want to lower/put a stop to "gun violence". Nearly all of their ideas about reducing those levels deal with the possesion of the gun used in that violence. It does not matter if that gun is simply going to be replaced by some other means or weapon and the violence will continue. To them removing the means by which violence happens will somehow take care of the reason for the violence.
While on the other side of the political spectrum, you get people like us who wish to see a reduction in violence period, be it gun, knife, hands, car... etc. Our outlook tends to be that if the reason for violence is not lessened (by keeping violent criminals in jail) then reductions will never happen since the motive for violence will always find the means to carry that out.
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