Teaching the grandkid gun safety...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Macktee, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Macktee

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    My greadson, age six, was visiting today.

    He was playing with an old H&R revolver that belonged to my grandfather. My wife, anti-gun person to the max, freaked out. So, I took it from him and then handed it back asking, "Alston, what's the first thing we do when someone hands us a gun?"

    He popped it open and said, "We check to be sure it's unloaded Grand Dad".

    My wife didn't exactly faint away, but she came close...

    After some reflection, she did agree it was probably a good thing to teach he grandkids gun safety. Much like looking both ways before crossing the street. She doesn't like it, but she does agree (reluctantly) it's better than total ignorance.

    Now, if only I could get her to join me at the range...

    Am I the only one in this situation?
  2. glockgirl

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    have you tried bribery? Honestly it works on us women. Just bribe her and then when she gets there I am sure she will have fun. Just try to get her to the range when there aren't any crazy yahoos shooting shotguns. i hate loud noises so if someone is shooting a shotgun it drives me crazy the first few times it is fired.

    I wish someone had taught me about firearms at a younger age. until this year I had a mortal fear of them. I couldn't even touch one. Yes I agree children shouldn't have guns but at least they should not be afraid of them, instead they should have respect for them.

  3. Rammstein

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    You are doing the right thing by making sure he knows the four rules.

    but hey, I'm biased. :D
  4. Adam5

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    I agree with Ramm. If they are in the house and guns are in the house, they need to know rules.

    I decided to test my 10 year old daughter (She knows the rules)last weekend, to see what she would do if she found a gun layng out. When she came over I purposely left a (verified and double checked) handgun, unloaded and on the kitchen table. When she saw it she ran straight to me and said "Daddy, you have a gun out!!! Does that mean we're going to the range??? Are we??? Are we??? Can we?? "

    She passed and we did.

    Here are her results...

    It takes ALOT of .177 pellets to leave a hole like that in a target.
  5. slabertooch

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    I was in that situation, until I asked my wife if she wanted to go to the Probate Ct. to get her GFL. Recently she has taken a real interest in going shooting with me, so we are going to make a day of it. GFL application, then to the range. If I'm lucky maybe I can convince her to let me get that USP I've been wanting, cause mamma has to have a carry gun too. :D
  6. luke0927

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    teach im safety and to respect firearms and he will be golden....i started with a red rider around age 3 an had my 410 and .22 by about 5.......

    make sure he knows how to check if its loaded...
    never bring a loaded gun in the house....
    and don't point it at anything unless you plan on killing it.
  7. Macktee

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    I've seen you shoot. Your daughter does it better! You've never punched holes in a target like that!

    Tell Lexie congrats from all of us and maybe we'll see her at the range one day soon. Like maybe, next Sunday?