Taurus PT740 Slim .40 S&W

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    Any thoughts on this pistol (or the 9mm derivitive?) I have zero experience with Taurus semi-auto pistols, but the Air Force Base I'm currently stationed at (moving to GA in December) has a new 740 slim for $365 (no tax, out the door same day.) I have a Ruger LCP that is a good pocket pistol and I'm looking for a more substantial everyday carry gun. I'm also looking at the Kel Tec PF-9 due to it's smaller size/width/weight. I'm smaller framed (5'6" 155lbs) and would probably be more apt to carry somthing in this size/weight everyday versus something wider/boxier/heavier. I'm the type that feels I shouldn't have to pay upwards of $800 for a carry weapon if cheaper alternatives exist (as long as they're reliable.) Not really concerned with how one trigger is over others either; If I own a weapon I'll train to use that weapon (especially considering it's intended purpose.) Thoughts?

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    I was in the market for a small, reasonably priced 9mm single stack, looked at the Taurus 709 Slim, Keltec PF9 and the Kahr CW9. I decided on the Kahr CW9. I paid $400 for it new out the door, I think for what you get for your money, the CW series from Kahr is an excellent buy. Check them out at www.kahr.com.

    They also make a CW40 if you prefer .40SW and CW45 if you are a .45ACP guy. The CW40 is the about the same size as the CW9, the CW45 is bigger. In this light of a weapon, I prefer the 9mm myself, but that is just me. I just added Trijicon night sights to mine and will pick up a couple of spare mags soon.

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    I've had the 9mm 709 for almost a year. I bought it for deep conceal, since my edc is a large .45.

    It's been pretty reliable, I broke the extractor shooting some old Spanish Civil War ammo. The ammo had a few stovepipes, and apparently one of them broke the extractor. A call to Taurus got me a new extractor in about 10 days. After installation, the pistol was as reliable as it was before. If you take it to the range, it will need cleaning after a couple hundred rounds or so. The pistol is very small and the tolerances are tight. Once it gets dirty, it will have some problems. Clean it before you shoot, as the factory uses a thick grease that can also cause problems.

    I got the SS version, and all my carry guns are SS and polymer so I don't have to worry about corrosion. No problems with the 709 and corrosion, even after jogging or working outdoors in the Georgia heat.

    Like any small gun, it's snappy to shoot. I would imagine the .40 is worse. With a little practice, I managed to get pretty accurate at distances of about 30 ft. The trigger has a very long pull, and a manual safety on the left side. It holds 7 shots in the mag, and there have been rumours of an extended mag, but I haven't seen one yet.

    I don't carry it unless I have to, but it's very light, very slim, and very easy to carry. I can fit it in a deep front or back pocket with no problems.

    I think it's a great second gun or bug. I prefer a little more than 7 rounds of 9mm for most situations, but if you need something small, this works really well.

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    It looks good on paper, but I've heard of reliability issues with this particular model.
    On the other hand, if the dealer you buy it from will ship it back to the the factory for you if you pay shipping, in case you need to use Taurus's lifetime warranty, a dealer can ship it through the Post Office cheap. Regular people have to ship handguns back to the factory through private package delivery services, and they all want an arm and a leg to do that.

    I'll tell you this: I am carrying my boxy Taurus PT111 less and less these days, in favor of a smaller thinner gun.
    It's true that if the gun you choose isn't comfortable to carry and easy to conceal, you'll leave it behind more often than you should.
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    I have always had good luck with Taurus in general, and have been using a 709 ad my EDC for over a year now. The 709 has problems with the feed lips getting bent in the magazines. Every few hundred rounds Ill get a mag that will stop the slide on a mag with rounds still in it. But it can be fixed in 30 seconds with a pair of pliers. Aside from that, this gun has been great. Its a good size and shape for concealment, I have no problem even with relatively tight designer t shirts.

    I just wish someone would make night sights for it! I do have my eye on the crimson trace though.
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    I looked at one a few weeks ago. It felt good in the hand, but the sights are so small you can hardly see them, and if I remember right they were fixed.
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    Rear sight is adjustable for elevation and windage. The sights are small, but this is basically a mousegun sized .40. Size is one of the most important specs for this type of gun. And for most, it's a very close quarters pistol, so the sights are not meant to be target friendly.