For sale $425.00 OBO is a Taurus PT140 Millennium Pro - First Generation with second strike capability.

I bought it brand new from a gun store several years ago in Georgia.

No more than 500 rounds through it. Has a little slide rash (fine scratches) on the barrel but no rust that I can see.

* This is the model that Taurus did a voluntary recall on due to possibly firing if dropped. I do not know if that is an issue with my gun, since that has never occurred with it. *

I've never sent it in to Taurus for any reason, and never had anyone do any work on it. Never had an issue with it firing, feeding, or extracting.

I've never modded it, except to add the rubber grip with finger grooves.

Ammo is showing in the photos in the magazines but is NOT included.

Two 10-rnd Taurus mags included.

Two Promag Sig Sauer P226 .40 cal 20-rnd mags included (they seem to lock in well in the Taurus, and manually eject rounds, but have not been test fired).

Face to face, cash-only for a final sale. Will want to have a peek at your GWL.

Yes, I know the gun is a little pricey compared to what they sold for in the past, but these are no longer made, and seems to be a great shooter for what limited amount it has been fired.

If you had one and got rid of it, and then regretted it, here is your chance to have one back again.

Selling it to fund another toy, hopefully before June 18th (that's when the Taurus Rebate offer for some of their new guns expires).

If you are in the Macon area, or a little north of there we can meet up if we have a firm deal. Please private message me with your offer. Thanks!