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So I've been looking around trying to decide what handgun to get for my first one. Mainly it will be for home defense (at least at first, I eventually intend to carry once I become more practiced with it and am comfortable doing so). After initially wanting a Beretta 90two in .40, I decided that the price was too high, and it certainly wouldn't fly with my wife (she balked severely at the $700 tag). Then I found the Taurus PT101, which is rather similar. The local gun shop is willing to sell me a new one for $390, which is the price I've seen at I don't know where else to look particularly for comparison, but it seems like a good price.

Does anyone have experience with this gun? I saw the thread discussing Taurus opinions and the Millenium Pro, but I wondered if there was anyone who had experience with the exact model I'm looking at. I have read in various places that the Beretta clones made by Taurus are better/more reliable than their originally-designed automatics.

Thanks for any input that you have.

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