Target Practice at 50 yds, 100 yds, and 30 meters

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    The rifle is a PTR 91, GI model, with the standard front sight and an HK 1200 meter rear sight. I was using the 200 meter setting, which was the lowest one, the entire time. The ammunition is German surplus.

    I put the 1st Mr. Bones at 50 yds. I fired 10 rounds, off-hand from a standing position, at the torso. And then, five rounds at the head while seating at the table and using a rest.

    I put the 2nd Mr. Bones at 100 yds. I fired 20 rounds, off of the table with a rest, at the torso. My very first shot at the target, and my first shot after coming off of a cold range, were the two shots under the target’s right armpit. Then, I fired five rounds at the head again.

    I put this bulls-eye at 100 yds and fired 10 rounds at it. However, I forgot to take a photo of it before I applied the pasters, so it didn’t really happen. Then I moved the target to 30 meters and fired two strings of five rounds each at it off of the table with the rest. I chose 30 meters because the zero is supposed to be the same as it is at 200 meters. The orange center is 3â€.

    Next I put a scaled Dog target at 30 meters. At 25 yds the target is supposed to simulate a full-size target at 100 yds. I fired all 10 rounds rather quickly, and without checking the placement between shots, off of the table with the rest. I don’t know where in the sequence the two shots inside of the V and outside of the clump fell.

    I finished up with a Red Dawn target at 30 meters; table and rest again. The 1st shot was at the lower center of the target. Then I moved the 2nd shot to the target’s left a little. With the 3rd shot I tried to touch the top of the front post to the target’s chin. Then, with the final seven shots, I tried to touch the top of the front post on the edge of the target’s helmet.