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During Ken's August 4-5 Fighting Handgun course, he recommended Mike Benedict at Talon Tactical for kydex mag pouches. Well, I recently decided to splurge and got two. They were under $40 ($.58 shipping the mag and check + 2x $15 pouches + $5 return postage).

They arrived today (check and mag went out last week) and they fit well on my 1.5" beltman belt. I don't have a problem with the corners digging into my side when moving around, unlike with my CZ mags. However, those are made of thinner, sharper steel and are double stack as well. So I don't know how much is the pouch and how much is the magazine, but these seem to work well and are just about as cheap as they get. I haven't really tested them well, though I will probably wear them this weekend (Knob Creek).

They won't be getting a lot of use until I get back into IDPA, and even then, I don't expect to run them that hard. Even if I do, the kydex looks to be the same thickness as my Comp-Tac pouches, and while they don't look as "professional," I think they'll hold up just as well. The big benefit/difference seems to be that the Talon pouch uses a Phillips head screw, while the Comp-Tac uses their standard hex screw.

Talon is on the left in each picture.

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