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    I attended a Fulton County Republican fund raiser last night at the Ritz in Buckhead. We are very active in the republican party here in Georiga and Florida. I had the opportunity to speak with two representatives (Mike Jacobs/Dekalb area and Harry Geisinger/Sandy Springs Roswell area)about the PG and carry in restrauants that serve alcohol. Both were very receptive to the changes and said they had no problem with the changes. Harry suggested we find a Representative from a rual area to sponsor the changes. Mike stated he used to sit on the committee that over saw the gun laws but not longer does, however he would fully support the changes and suggested we contact him for assistance.

    So, I am providing this to the leadership to follow up. I am going to follow up to both of them wih a letter but if I could be sent some "talking points" from GCO I would include that with my follow up letter.

    To the membership, I would contact these folks with letters and calls asking for their support and offer to support them in their reelections.