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  1. a_springfield

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    Does anyone have any recent experience with their service. I am looking to switch from att. I am mostly in the canton-cumming area and work in Atlanta (I don't get service in most buildings in Atlanta with att(elevator hoist ways must have call jammers))
  2. Aberk

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    I think that may have more to do with the several inches of concrete and re-bar that make up the elevator shaft.

  3. Adam5

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    I have been with T-Mobile for a few years and have been very happy with coverage, reliability, and data speeds.
  4. a_springfield

    a_springfield Well-Known Member

    Most likely and all the metal that is in the shaft.
  5. Craftsman

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    I have been with T-mobile since I moved here 17 years ago. They were PowerTel back then.

    First, Elevators are big metal boxes that make reasonably effective Faraday cages. Simply put, they block Electro-Magnetic waves such as cell phone signals. Your experience is typical of all mobile phone users in elevators.

    Atlanta is a T-Mobile town. They have a very heavy local presence business-wise as well as a high density of towers. I worked in Canton a few years ago for about six months and had no trouble getting a signal.

    I like the fact that T-Mobile de-coupled the phone from the line, but still allows you to finance the phone at zero interest. Right now, they have a Father's day special where you buy a Galaxy S8 and get one free if you open or transfer a line to them. T-Mobile and ATT are signal compatible so you can unlock you ATT phone and bring it with you.
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    Not sure if you are open to going w/ Sprint, but they are running a deal that's pretty fantastic...basically, unlimited talk, text, data for FREE for a year. There is a small charge for a SIM card and $30 activation (that is refunded in a couple of months). If it were not for me paying under $15 a month for Republic, I would hook up this deal immediately. Also, it will appear that the deal is intended for Verizon customers, it is in fact open to anyone who has an eligible, unlocked phone.


    Also, if you don't have a eligible phone, you can pick up one of the Moto G (4th Gen) for $100 that will work on this plan.
  7. a_springfield

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    It is not the in the elevator it's the on top and under that I have problems with. I just went and switched to them my bill is $4 less a month but unlimited data and a new iPhone.
  8. gsusnake

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    I've had T-Mobile for going on 10 years now. Great reception in the city, decent on the highways, jack **** in some of the rural counties I used to work in.
  9. frankr

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    One under appreciated aspect of having the phone and the line decoupled is that if you buy the phone outright with an American Express card (paid off monthly of course) then Amex will cover it just like a computer purchased for a year past the manufacturer's original warranty. So yes, if your phone dies in year two then you get a new one for free! I'm not sure if other cards do this. Amex paid a big chunk of my current MacBook Pro because the last one suffered a key component failure when it was 4 years old and I was still in the warranty period.
  10. Khondker

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    I have switched from AT&T to TMOBILE years and years ago, go for it, you won't be sorry, you will enjoy the freedom. Lot better customer service than AT&T.
  11. btseagle98

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    I was a T-Mobile customer from December 1997 (Powertel) until December 2011...14 years! Loved it except for the last 9 months of that time. During those 9 months they sucked so bad in every way possible that I vowed to never go back to them. I actually paid to break my contract and didn't think twice about it. I have now been with Verizon since then and even though I know I pay more than others I'll never change.

    Also, during that same 9 month period I know of 14 other people who left T-Mobile for the same reasons...crappy coverage...calls dropping...phones Not working...all followed by the worst customer service imaginable.

    However...with that being said I know multiple people who stuck with them and now say they have greatly improved.

    Personally, based on my experience 6 yrs ago, ill resort to carrier pigeons and smoke signals before going back to them.
  12. a_springfield

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    Where's the gold
  13. Mrs_Esterhouse

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    Must be in the unlimited plan.