SWD M-11 semi closed bolt

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    EE4EA794-042B-4AB5-B6D1-29650EAC4838.png 2791609B-A708-4BA0-88D6-6D5DF5155C95.png What do y’all think of the SWD (Cobray?) semi-auto pistols that have the post-1982 closed-bolt type action?

    I have one, and have had one or two of those for decades. They were dirt cheap 20-30 years ago. Something like $199.

    The ones made before 1994 (before the federal assault weapon ban) have threaded barrels. It’s a lot of fun to use these with a fake suppressor or screw-on barrel extension.

    They use the same magazines as the more famous M11/9 submachine gun. Normally it’s an all-plastic 30 round stick mag.

    Mine hasn’t been fired much. It’s barely broken-in.
    But I don’t recall it ever jamming. I’ve tried some hollowpoints, though it’s mostly fed cheap brass cased FMJ.

    The sights are crude and too small to be useful, but the gun is “pointable” enough to hit the kill zone on a man-sized target at 7 yards.
    For a CQB combat pistol, how much accuracy do ya need?

    I will soon dig mine out of the safe and take it to the range for the first time in 20 years.

    Meanwhile, here are random internet pics of somebody else’s: (see above)

    So, does this gun have a legitimate purpose for home defense, protecting one’s store or shop, carry in your RV or other vehicle while traveling, etc?
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    Definitely one of the uglier guns around

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    I modified the "feed ramp" on my SWD M11/9 by bending it more upward & polished it, now it feeds HP's & even the flat nose Winchester subsonics. I'm not sure the semi version is the same.

    There are new, metal magazines now available that function well.

    With a Lage folding stock & red dot I can shoot better groups than with my Glocks.