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From 11alive.

Suspect Shot at Centennial Park

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A man armed with a handgun inside Centennial Olympic Park was shot by a Georgia World Congress Center police officer Thursday.

According to authorities, the responding police officers gave two commands for the suspect to drop the small-caliber handgun he was carrying. When the suspect refused, one of the officers shot him, reportedly in the leg. The suspect was transported to the hospital and his condition was not immediately known.

The area has been closed to pedestrian traffic. The Georgia World Congress Center police are handling the investigation.

Just last Tuesday, a man fatally shot his girlfriend, setting off a scare in the CNN Center building, which is located next to Centennial Olympic Park. Witnesses said Arthur Mann, 39, argued with his ex-girlfriend Clara Riddles, 22, and began to drag her down an escalator before shooting her in the face. Mann was shot by a CNN Center security guard.
I wonder what he was a suspect of? Just carrying a gun? This could get interesting.

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Man shot by police had suicide wish, GBI says
Armed man went from CNN Center to Centennial park, police say

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 04/12/07

A man shot Thursday by police in Centennial Olympic Park apparently had wanted to die at the hands of officers, the GBI said.

Lonnie Jevon Lewis, 36, was shot in the leg by Georgia World Congress Center police Thursday afternoon. Authorities said Lewis pulled a gun out of his pocket when officers asked him to put his hands above his head.

"The motive appears to be suicide by cop," GBI spokesman John Bankhead said Thursday night.

The agency is handling the investigation into the shooting, as it often does when officers are involved.

Lewis' wound was not life-threatening. Thursday night, he was out of the hospital and in police custody.

The Forest Park man has been in trouble with the law before, including arrests for carrying a weapon without a license, jail records show.

Moments before the shooting Thursday, Lewis was spotted with a gun inside CNN Center, where last week a woman was fatally shot, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, who was taken down by a security guard.

Those who saw Lewis walking through the building in downtown Atlanta notified security officers, who then called Atlanta police.

By the time Atlanta police officers arrived, Lewis had crossed the street and into the park.

There, he was confronted by Georgia World Congress Center police. The state agency is responsible for security within the park.

Bankhead said officers asked Lewis to take his hands out of his pocket. When he did so, he pulled out a handgun, Bankhead said.

Lewis then refused the officer's commands to drop the weapon, and least one officer fired, Bankhead said.

Officials are still looking into how many shots were fired and whether more than one officer unloaded his gun.

Once it completes its investigation, the GBI will turn over the results to the Fulton County district attorney's office, which will determine charges against Lewis.

Last week, Arthur Mann, 39, allegedly dragged his estranged girlfriend Clara Riddles, 22, by the hair down an escalator at CNN Center. Then, in the presence of dozens of people, police said, Mann fatally shot Riddles.

A security guard then shot Mann.

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maddog said:
definately wouldn't want to be open carrying in that area at least until things cooled off... :cry:
Not even open carrying in the hand? :rotfl:

Anyway, whenever confronted by the police while open carrying, it is probably not a good idea to draw. :wink:
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