Submitting to a search on Army Corps property

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by alphageek007, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. alphageek007

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    I was fishing on Army Corps property (Lake Lanier) a while ago when two mounted LEO's (Forsyth County Sheriff's Department I believe) asked me to open my cooler to check for alcohol. Of course, I told them that I didn't consent to any search of my person or property. They told me that I had to let them look, or leave the park. Does anyone have any idea if that's true? And if so, where I might find that law (or rule, or whatever the hell it is). I was pretty miffed since its clearly wrong, not to mention a violation of the 4th amendment.
  2. MesaCranker

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    I assume that since it is Army Corps property they can say who stays and who leaves just like a private property owner. They didn't threaten you with legal recourse if you did not open the cooler, but only said that you had to leave the property (of which they were an authorized representative) if you did not willingly comply.

  3. GoDores

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    It's illegal to drink on Lake Lanier? :shock:
  4. Rugerer

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    Alcohol is prohibited on Corps campgrounds, I know that. I had the beer-on-his-breath gatekeeper tell us that and make us initial something to that effect.

    "This says we told you, that's all it says, " he said.

    Now as far as just waltzing up to random people and saying, "hey. we're searching that," that sure don't seem right.
  5. Malum Prohibitum

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    How much more can they order you to do under threat of forcing you to leave public property? Smear mud on your face? Turn out your pockets? Dance? Sing "I'm a little teapot . . ."


    alphageek007, have you followed up with their department about this? Filed a complaint?
  6. kkennett

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    While the Corp may own the property, was this in a county park? Can you tell us the specific location?
  7. TimBob

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    Since you are not in jail, I assume you left?
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    I do not think they can do that (but don't know for sure). If they were deputies of FC they shouldn't be the ones with that authority on Corps land. Anyway, I would think they would need probable cause (see me drinking beer as they walked up?).The Corps rangers might could though. If you were fishing the Game Wardens could search you without a warrant (they are really the most powerful law enforcement agency in the state). Game Wardens have waaay to much leeway in their duties.

    I'm guessing you just packed up and left. I would have because there might or might not have been "other" things I wouldn't want them to discover me carrying on Corps property.