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  1. tony218

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    i know this is a stupid question (and answered some where in this forum)
    since i got my permit in clayton county, and am planning on moving
    to another county do i have to get a permit from that county?
    if not, why did i have to apply in the county i live in?
    why couldn't i apply in say fulton or henry counties?
    once again i know this is a stupid question but i'm curious.
  2. jrm

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    They seem like pretty good questions to me. :)

    State law requires that you apply in the county where you reside. State law does not require to to re-apply (or take any other action) when you move. When and if you want to renew your GFL, you will have to apply for the renewal in the county where you live at the time of your renewal applicatio.

  3. USMC - Retired

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    Maybe it is to "manage" the work load of the Probate Courts. After all if we all went to the Probate Courts in the few counties where they actually obey the law and issue within 60 days they would be flooded with applications and the other courts wouldn't have any applications to sit on for months on end and report as a heavy workload when asking for more funding.
  4. tony218

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    that answered my question.
    it keeps all you poor suckers out of clayton county
    where i got my permit in 41 days( just kidding)
    i was just curious as to why they made such a big
    deal about "the county you live in"
    once again, just kidding guys
  5. Malum Prohibitum

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    You can keep it even if you move out of state.