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    Ok, nice story developing here.

    I live in a small set of town homes and on the very end of the row. We have a small dog (about 30 pounds if that) and he is less than a year old. One of the neighbors (about 8 homes down) feel that my dog is aggressive. He has not bitten anyone and is ALWAYS on a leash. The neighbor’s dog how ever is not and one day the dog ran across the parking lot in the usual dog manner and a short scuffle ensued by the dogs. The wife picked up the dog and brought him in the house.

    The management issued a letter and warned the other tenants about keeping the dog on a leash.

    Several weeks go by with no incidents and the dogs have played and neighborly activity going on. Until yesterday, animal control showed up with a complaint about my dog being aggressive, so I walked down being the good neighbor that I am. Knocked on the door and when his wife answered I asked to speak to her husband, she asked “ does he have to come out side?†I said I would like for him too, she disappeared inside and he came out. I shook his hand and introduced myself and said †I hear you had a problem with the dog this morningâ€. At that point he raised his voice in a loud tone and said “your dog attacked my dog†at that point I cut his off and in a loud voice told him “ you know where I live and where my dog is, if you have a problem with that stay the **** away from him, and by the way, next time grow a set of nuts and knock on my door instead of calling the cops anonymouslyâ€.

    Well he screamed loudly I will fix you!!!!! Ran in his town home and slammed the door. I just went home. Well 20 minutes later the police show up asking me what happened and I told him exactly what I have typed. He kind of laughed it off and left. He did suggest that we stay clear of one another.

    So this afternoon the wife was out side with the dog, they stopped on the street and taunted my dog, when they seen the wife they drove off. 8:30 PM rolls around so I get up and put the leash on the dog, I have a Wilson 1911 on IWB but OC, two spare mags, flash light, two knives, one ca of OC, and take the dog for a walk. No one was out when I left, as we were coming back to the house they came out and were walking the dog. I pulled my dog in and had him at heel. Never looked at them nor said a word, just kept walking toward my unit.

    So later this evening 9:00 PM or so a knock comes so I go look out the peep hole and it’s the police. The call was that I was walking with a gun and intimidating them. Knowing and have worked with both officers they asked what happened and I said nothing I just walked the dog. They asked if I had a gun on and I said yes, I still have it on and turned so they could see. One of them asked me if it was legal to carry a gun OC and I said yes. So they told me not to worry about it and left with the report being filed unfounded.

    I am sure this is going to continue (the harassment) so my question is. Does anyone have any suggestion?
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    Can you get a restraining order? Something about them harassing you.

    I would for suggest you keep the dog on a leash 100% of the time when outside, NO EXCEPTIONS. At least not until this whole thing is resolved. If even one small incident occurs, regardless of fault, it might help strengthen their case. Make sure the wife understands this too.

    If the dogs don't scrap, the 2-footers don't scrap, then all else would seem to just be verbal harassment.

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    Get a court order for him to stay away. If any thing happens after that , you are on record as trying to avoid him and trouble.
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    I could suggest setting up a video camera to record the area where you and your dog will be, so that if something happens you have evidence of what happened.
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    Good Luck, I have lived near idiots before too.
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    Move away from these condensed communities... rent a house... buy a house... (preferably in a neighborhood w/out a HOA or you'll end up dealing with this stuff still)...

    life is too short to be living next to some asshat.
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    Document, document document.

    Document every event and make a paper trail.
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    If you would like to borrow my German Shepherd/Chow mix, let me know. Once they see him, and he sees their little dog, everyone will be put in their place :lol:

    Personally, I would like to have some kind of paper trail showing their malicious actions. This could be a harassment charge (which is padded with an unfounded police call) or a stay away (restraining) order.

    IMHO, one shouldn't have to move because of asshat neighbours because that is just encouraging their behaviour and running with a tucked tail. I lived next to a real world criminal and finally managed to get rid of him through complaints to the land lord and management company. Most of my complaints they would act on were documented by photos and/or police reports.

    Guessing that this guy is a coward, he will shortly stop bothering you after seeing you packing a few more times.

    Best of luck
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    Hi Ken,

    Pick one issue or another, not both.

    Your dog was the original topic of your neighbor's ire. Were it me, I'd document your dog's behavior, especially around other dogs and, if possible, that particular neighbor.

    I'd conceal now, only because you don't want to give the perception of being the one who escalates. The neighbor doesn't want any piece of you by this time. He is not going to grow a set, regardless the amount of HGH he ingests.

    It seems clear that you're upset, and rightly so, but I'd recommend focusing on your goal... your wish to peacably walk your dog. If possible, document the antagonism you described earlier.

    Good luck and give the dog a pet for me.
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    Video evidence is hard to ignore. You can always have your wife shoot the camera from the house while you're out, or setup a home video system. The bonus is you'll have security camera's for other stuff too.
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    This to me seems like it's bordering on harrassment. Every time you walk your dog they call the police? I would contact the precinct commander and be the first one in his ear. Ask him for his opinion. At least then he'll notify those under his command of the situation and the other guy now looks like the jack ass.

    Just my thoughts. Good luck though.
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    In my best Italian accent, "always keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer". As much as you might want to show this guy up as the ***** jerk he might be, nothing good can come of that other than a momentary feeling of conquest which will quickly pass and become a legal nightmare which will be painful and expensive.

    I suggest you suck it up and make nice. You and your wife might knock on their door and wholeheartedly apologize that you might have caused them any inconvenience at all and suggest that you might all become good friends. Perhaps even invite them out to dinner or drinks. Let this asshat think he's won the battle and pound his chest so his wife can praise his success. Over time, he'll come to trust you and lower his guard. That's when you've got him!!!!

    Might I suggest you start by arranging for his car to be mysteriously dented in the middle of the night by a stranger. You might follow that up in a few days by having one of his windows shattered in the middle of the night. It always helps if they come home one evening and find their apartment ransacked. Of course, there's always the pictures of this weenie with his girlfriend finding their way to his wife. If he doesn't have one, I'd suggest arranging a coincidental meeting between him and a relatively young hooker and a well placed camera.

    Now, if none of this works, it's time to bring out the big bat. You remember that scene in the world's greatest movie ever where a movie producer refused a part to one of the hero's friends?

    This might help: You're Neighbor

    One morning, your neighbor might wake up and feel something funny under his sheets and then suddenly realize most of his dog is missing.


    Now, you own him. If he's stupid and continues to be a weenie, there's just no teaching him anything. In this case, might I suggest:

    Final Answer

    At least that's the way I was taught growing up in Hoboken, NJ!!!!! :lol: Now, I've done this for you out of respect and you need to remember this:

    You and me

    Good luck!!!
    :cheers: :popcorn: :rotfl2:
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    My parents had the same issue when we first moved to FL. I was in High School and would always walk our Dobbermans (red and black) in the neighborhood. Most of the time I was on my skateboard with our black Dobbie in full gallop pulling me down the street, (she loved to pull and run! She was a beast!)

    Many neighbors were very uncomfortable seeing a black Dobbie running full speed, mouth open and K-9's shining and complained to the HOA. Well shortly after that every kid had their Goldens, and any other dog big enough to pull them, doing the same thing. Heck many of them played with our Dobbies as well. THEY WERE ALWAYS ON A LEASH AND VERY TRAINED.

    We documented, and the county sherriff came out. He actually thought it was fun to watch, but they documented and the then filed a complaint to the person doing all the complaining.
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    His actions definately border on harrassment.
  15. Adam5

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    Nice...... Make him think twice about turning that ignition key in the morning, huh?
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    The high road is the answer here. You don't want to be seen as provoking or escalating things. Just play by all the doggie rules regarding leashes, etc, and try to avoid the bad neighbor.

    The idea of video documentation is a good one, you can get several RF cameras and a receiver from to keep an eye on things, and dump the vid to a computer or VCR. I might start carrying a little digital recorder to document and conversations as well (never a bad idea, I plan to get one to record any interactions with police I might have).

    If he calls animal control of the police again, make sure to bring the dog out and show how docile he is. Also ask the police to write a report for documentation.

    Good Luck!
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    I am going to very politely ask about your decision to OC given your established position on OC. This quote from this thread is but one example:

  18. AeroShooter

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    I see it playing out like this... or like this.
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    I agree with Bulldawg
    "always keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer"

    he has his boxers in a twist cause he got a letter of warning from your management.

    ask the local police to send more animal control patrol around randomly (he may think AC is there due to him calling) - however, if his dog is always off leash - odds are animal control will witness his dog loose

    Or Perhaps talking to one of the officers who responded to the call - asking their opinion on how to deal with him in the future - regarding his harassments & threats.

    Good luck
  20. Malum Prohibitum

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    But I thought you never . . . :lol:

    I ain't even a goin' to comment. :wink: