Stoddard's Range

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  1. Archangel

    Archangel Moderator Staff Member

    Ground broken yet?

    Under construction?


    Been waiting big time for a state of the art range on this side of town since I moved here....

  2. hma153

    hma153 Uninvited Guest

    :waiting: same concrete slab sitting there since it burnt down...

  3. atlsrt44

    atlsrt44 Well-Known Member

    yeah if something doesnt happen soon zacks gonna get it :shattered:
  4. 87FieroGT

    87FieroGT New Member

    Heard this past week that they’re working through issues and are still at the land survey stage.

    I’m not waiting any longer. My guess is that it will still be sometime if ever before we see a Stoddard’s range up and running.

    This is why my wife and I joined the Sandy Springs Gun Club. Yea, it’s a drive from D’Ville (40 mins). But when we go we make sure to time it so we can stop and get a bite to eat after shooting. Kind of like a mini date. We found a great place called the Hearth just off Roswell road that we both really like, best pizza I’ve had in GA, by far. :righton: Really helps to motivate the wife to join me at the range.
  5. Archangel

    Archangel Moderator Staff Member

    Well crap.

    Guess it's time to join somewhere else... :cry:

    I've been waiting on this one for a long time now, no fault of theirs I guess...

    Sucks though...
  6. 87FieroGT

    87FieroGT New Member

    I too am disappointed that it’s not further along.

    Stoddard's is a great operation with some really good guys working there. I’m sure the range would be a great place to shoot.
  7. stoddard

    stoddard New Member

    Stoddard's Range and Guns will begin construction in January 2011. As many of you know, I have been seriously ill and in the hospital for the past couple of months. Fortunately, I am making a full and complete recovery. Ken, Dant, Tim and I have now finalized our plans for converting from a retail gun store to our original goal - Georgia's finest, most modern and complete Gun Range.

    We have engaged the firm of RW Smith as our General Contractor and have begun the construction process for our first Range on Bankhead highway (yes, a truly state-of-the-art facility will rise from the ashes at the old location). Steel has been ordered, contracts have been signed and we will have an official groundbreaking ceremony (beginning with the removal of the old slab) the last week of January. The new foundations will begin to be set in place on January 31st and we expect to have the new building closed in by mid March.

    We want to extend our thanks to the Bank of North Georgia for the construction and permanent financing they are providing to serve the community and allow this project to begin without any further delay due to the claims we have against the local Douglasville roofer and it's insurance company (which have stood in our way since June 2009.)

    We will begin accepting "Founder Membership Applications" in January. Our programs, membership levels, classes, instruction and some very special surprises, will make a Stoddard's membership unique and unlike any other offered in the State. Don't make the mistake of missing out on this opportunity.

    Some additional detail - Our construction schedule is 16 weeks from the pouring of the foundations (subject only to weather delays that can't be anticipated.) As a member at Stoddard's you will have access to programs, personnel, equipment, information, events that you will not find elsewhere. We will have a variety of membership levels to accommodate both your budget as well as you interest level depending on what programs and services you may wish to take advantage of.

    Our Staff, selection, service and prices have already made our retail store the finest shopping experience, for firearms and accessories, in Georgia. I assure you we will provide an entirely new and unique experience for everyone interested in firearms, personal defense, safety, hunting, collecting, investing and more.

    I am truly sorry it's taken so long - but the wait is at an end and I am sure you will agree it will have been well worth it.

    I will be back in the store beginning next week. The continuing recovery from my illness will make my hours somewhat uncertain - but I look forward to seeing all if you again.

    Thank you for your loyalty, friendship and patronage. I welcome you in advance to the next generation of what a true shooting range should and will be.