Stick shift gets the best of would-be robbers

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    Stick shift gets the best of would-be robbers

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Published on: 06/19/07

    Who needs the Club when you have a stick shift?

    Two teenage robbers spent valuable getaway time Monday night trying to drive off in a stolen car — but gave up, police said, when they realized they couldn't navigate a sedan with manual transmission.

    The teens bolted from the Honda Accord into some woods but were captured within minutes.

    "You can almost imagine how it would look to an outsider watching a video of two people spending however much time to start up a car and get away," said Cobb police Officer Wayne Delk. "But luckily they didn't decide to shoot anyone because of it."

    The teens had walked up to Isaac Zuniga as he left work at Bellacino's Pizza & Grinders on Sandy Plains Road in Marietta about 9:30 p.m.

    Armed with a gun, the robbers — identified by Cobb County police as Joshua Johnson, 18, of Atlanta and an underage Smyrna teen — demanded that Zuniga gave them his wallet and keys.

    Then the robbers tried to drive off in Zuniga's Honda but spent considerable time trying to get it moving, Delk said.

    "These two guys were pretty amateur," he said.

    Zuniga ran back into the store where he's worked for two years, informed his co-workers and called police.

    "We opened the door after that and looked out, and there was still someone sitting in his car trying to get it started," said manager Ashley Johnson.

    Zuniga was carrying just a couple of dollars in his wallet, but did lose something valuable once police arrested the two suspects and confiscated their belongings as evidence: his driver's license.

    He couldn't be reached Tuesday — he was in line at the Department of Driver Services waiting for a replacement.
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    This is definiitely up there with the incredibly stupid theif!

    Lets take the car, hey man you drive stick?
    You drive stick?
    Man cant be that hard??

    HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!!!!!

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    Why did he have to get another license if the robbers didn't get too far?
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