Stern wants NBA players to leave guns at home

Discussion in 'In the News' started by CrankE, Oct 25, 2006.

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    "It's a pretty, I think, widely accepted statistic that if you carry a gun, your chances of being shot by one increase dramatically," Stern said during his preseason conference call. "We think this is an alarming subject, that although you'll read players saying how they feel safer with guns, in fact those guns actually make them less safe. And it's a real issue."

    Uh, no, it is not a real issue and there is no real statistic backing up what you say.

    This was at a press conference. Why did not one journalist just ask whether "widely accepted" means that this has actually been studied and shown to be true?

    Somebody send him John Lott's book, please!


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    If it did exist it would probably be a study of a small area with a large LEO population. It would ignore the defensive uses of firearms, or conversly include the injured criminal as yet another innocent person carrying a firearm.

    And Even though they chose the area for the large LEO population, they will not include that information in the actual study. So a LEO shot in the line of duty turns into a civilian carrying a firearm that got shot.
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    Knew you guys would like that.

    Most of these folks that take the anti-gun stance cite these "widely accepted" statistics, yet can't definitively tell you a statistic or who widely accepts it. And the press allows statements made by Very Serious People to pass by as unchallenged facts.

    As to why no journalist challenged him, I've got a couple of answers.

    One, there were no real journalists there. So much of the news is just the opinion of the reporter harumphhed as fact. Sports reporting is not immune from this syndrome.

    Two, the sports reporters probably figure that they are there to cover sports. Entertainment reporters, won't bite the hand that feeds them. I think sports news is going the same way.

    Personally, I think it's a pretty widely acecpted statistic that if you go to an NBA game and heckle an NBA player, your chances of getting pummeled where you sit are pretty good. Hmmmm. :wink: Maybe disarming the NBA is good for public safety.