Steel Challenge Class with World Steel Champion BJ Norris - Atlanta, GA 3/24-3/25/18

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    A rare opportunity to spend two days on the range with BJ Norris a multi-time World Steel Challenge Champion, with 2 overall titles, 6 Steel Master titles, and numerous other world and national Division Championship titles. BJ also currently holds the World Record for the Limited Division with a total time of 79.39 seconds for the 8 Championship stages, fired at the 2017 World Championship.

    This class will cover:
    -Winning stage breakdowns for all 8 Steel Challenge stages.
    -The most critical skills to practice, and the best ways to practice them.
    -The mental game required to have your best performance every time you step onto the range.
    -How to vastly improve your draw speed and save seconds from your total match time.

    Approximate round count needed: 1,200 rounds

    Class size - minimum 6, maximum of 15

    Please know you can take the skills you will learn in this class and apply them to any shooting sport you compete in! Draw, transitions and the mental game are key parts to any shooting sport you may enjoy. BJ can help you up your game with this class.

    Atlanta Steel Challenge Class Registration Link