Stealing Elections in Texas, Already?

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    "Yesterday we also heard from a voter who said, "I voted today on Tuesday the 19th at Acres Homes Civic Center. I voted a straight Republican ticket and when I was reviewing my ballot (before casting my ballot) it said in red "no selection" next to some races. I chose to scroll back through my 14 pages of votes to see what was not marked as a selection. I got all the way back to the page where the governor race was and should have been marked, but there was no choice marked for governor even though I had chosen and marked straight Republican ticket. So the e-machines are not working correctly and all voters should be aware and cautiously review their choices before casting their ballot."

    Kind of strange how it's the main state race AND a Republican candidate that disappeared from her vote. The machines may not be the most secure way to have the ballot. They are faster but can be programed to manipulate the votes.

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    I think that any of us who have been or are now computer programmers realize how easily these machines could be compromised, and how easy it would be to have them 'validate' successfully during tests, then skew the results on election day.
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    It doesn't even take talent. I'm a hobbyist at best bout even I could walk into the voting booth and make one of those machines say whatever I wanted it to say in five minutes tops.
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    I think such a system suits these worthless bums in government who will do ANYTHING to stay there... I been reading several reports of people have issues. ... 15608.html ... voter.html

    IMHO, there should be serious capital punishment for those involved in such acts if caught.
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    How about Fulton County GA? News reports on all stations tell us that there was "inadvertent" mailings of absentee-ballots in multiple numbers sent to the same voter. One lady interviewed had received five ballots.

    Of course, the Fulton officials, on camera, said that the excess ballots would be destroyed upon receipt. Just how are they going to determine which ballots went out and were returned "inadvertently"?

    Makes me wonder who did it and why this happened? The Fulton official said that the error had been caught and said to have been rectified and yet two more mailings of ballots went out. Hmmmmmmm????? :screwy: