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Gunstar1 said:
Think of it this way, you are allowed to drive on the road as long as you abide by the traffic laws (license, insurance, follow traffic signals and signs). If you are caught not following the law (such as speeding) you will more than likely get a speeding ticket (a court summons).

Well a similar situation exists for State Parks. If you enter onto State Park property concealed carrying a loaded firearm and are caught, you can be issued a court summons on the spot. Except it could cost up to $1000 per violation in a State Park.
I've got to think that DNR officers don't deal with guns nearly as much as patrol cops deal with traffic violations.

I imagine getting caught by DNR with a loaded gun would result in immediate arrest. They may not be immediately familiar with the details of the law beyond "no guns allowed." I'm sure it would all get sorted eventually, but the inital confrontation would probably be very "unfriendly."
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