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    Just FYI, if anybody is in the market for a 1911 style 9mm pistol, compact , aluminum frame, in 9 mm, there is a star BKM on gun broker right now.

    The star model B series are the Spanish versions of the 1911 series. BKM is a compact model similar to the colt Commander and it has an alloy frame. Single stack 8 rd mag.

    Current bid is $170, and there are three days left in the auction.

    I had one of these 30 years ago. I loved it for a range gun and a carry gun when I was willing to use only FMJ or RNL ammo **or ** only a certain couple types of hollow points that have a very rounded tip.
    It would not feed wide-mouth hollow points reliably without having a feed ramp polish and throat job.

    It would be a great gun for a woman or teenager to learn the manual of arms for a 1911 style pistol, on a budget. It fits their hands nicely, has the right weight and balance, and shoots cheap ammo that doesn't recoil too much.
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    I've had a Bravo Mike (just can't seem to get myself to call it by the initials :) for the last 20 years. It's the all steel version of the BKM at 34oz compared to the BKM's 26 oz.

    With finances, I'll probably be listing it in B/S/T within the next few weeks along with an original and a spare magazine.
    representative photo

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    I had one of those and it had a very annoying habit of dropping the magazine while you were shooting it. I got rid of it.

    I like many of the other Star offerings though. The M28, M30, and M31 come to mind. Great guns.
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    You didn't appreciate the automatic tactical reload feature? :lol: