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The St. Louis Police Department is selling off a $1.2 million stash of firearms, including 27 Thompson submachine guns, to help fund the purchase of new Beretta pistols and AR-15 rifles for officers, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

A Class III dealer is paying $22K each for the Thompsons. The department's collection also includes some rare Colts.

An article in the St. Louis Times-Dispatch says the police department originally paid $125 for each Thompson.

Here are a couple of photos of some of the Thompsons that'll be sold. They've been stored in the basement for sixty years! Who knows what sort of history those guns have!

As I read the original article something occurred to me: Those weapons are probably second only to Chicago and FBI Thompson's for potential rich provenance. The broker is quoted as saying he found the original purchase paperwork on the Thomsons ($175 each in the 1920s BTW). They are also buying 1,748 Beretta handguns for about $221 apiece.
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