SSN Tax Increase?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Malum Prohibitum, Dec 27, 2006.

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    From Neal's Nuze: The rumors are growing that George (not a conservative) Bush is going to go along with the Democrats and nail us with a huge Social Security tax increase. This editorial from the Wall Street Journal is a must-read.

    The chart is a must see, too.
  2. ICP_Juggalo

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    Thats just what I need. To pay more money into a plan I'll never get to use when I am old and decrepid.

  3. Gunstar1

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    You know what is funny, when you lower some taxes in the long term you stimulate the economy which will bring the government more money because the people can afford more stuff.

    When you raise some taxes, you get a windfall the first few years but that will eventually decrease as people start saving instead of spending.

    If you want more money to run the core government programs, I suggest cutting out a majority of the pork-barrel spending.

    I have read that greater accountability to funds and a restriction on pork-barrel spending would free up over $100 Billion annually. That being taxes we are already paying. No increase needed.
  4. Foul

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    Socialist Security is "government legalized theft".

    And what do we do with thieves?

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    What's really scary is SS is keeping the government going. George (NOT a conservative) Bush inherited a surplus and quickly turned it into a deficit; the largest in history. His administration has borrowed more money (so far...he's not done yet) than all the previous presidents combined.

    The only reason the deficit isn't worse is the Treasury "borrows" the surplus that accumulates in the Social Security Trust Fund each year and uses those funds to run the government.

    It's the one system that actually generates a surplus on an annual basis, but now it has become necessary to raise SS taxes. Makes perfect sense to me.....
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    Social re-engineering through redistribution of wealth. Say goodbye to the American Dream... the more you make, the more you pay. Sit on your ass, do nothing and you can make a living wage. I wish the flat-tax would get more momentum. I also wish privatization of SS would be an option... for those who wanted it.

    Social Security has been balancing the budget for years... well before GDub... not like it's "balanced", but it's always been a + in the ledger. I wish we never had it in the first place... if anyone is going to waste my money it's going to be ME... not the government by some forced means. Stop taxing me and let me be accountable... stupid social programs can lick my you know whats. Sink or swim, baby... this is America... screw all these handouts, I work for a living!
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    I am pissed that I can't be trusted to manage my own money and need Uncle Sam to "help" me.