Springfield XD-40 Sub-Compact + lots of HD ammo

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by IrishTiger, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Gun was recently purchased in March, and have put about 500 rounds down it without a hiccup. It's a great gun. Comes with all the usual XD stuff, and I've managed to stock up on quite a bit of ammo for it. It comes with a bunch of Hydrashocks and Federal EFMJ, some Speer Gold Dots, and some Remington UMC FMJ for range shooting. I'd estimate there's between 500-700 ammo in there. I'm just flying out in the morning, so I can't get pics right now (must get to bed) but the pistol is immaculate, and has been treated like gold ever since it was brought home from Stoddard's in Douglasville. I'm selling it because I'm broke, and I desperately need the money, and believe me it pains me to even talk about this. I love this gun. I don't want to sell it.

    I'm thinking of $500 with the ammo (considering the amount of money I've spent gathering all that home defense stuff... it wasn't easy). But I'm just getting some feelers out there. As soon as I get back in town (Saturday night) I'll post pics if people are interested.