Springfield EMP

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by warnockdavid, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. warnockdavid

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    I have small hands and never felt proficient with my 1911s.

    Sold my Springfield Ultra compact and Kimber Concealed carry 1911s and bought a Springfield EMP in 9MM. Mine has been flawless and fits me perfectly. All the advantages of the 1911 in a smaller package. Came with three 9 round magazines.
  2. jklotz

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    I've really enjoyed mine as well. Hard to believe the accuracy of the thing considering how short the barrel is. And that trigger, oh man, what a trigger! Not a single malfunction after 3K +/- rounds, been a great gun. That being said, mines headed back to Springfield today because the plunger tube is loose and the grip screws won't tighten all the way. Course' when I called, the first woman I got on the phone was great. I thought that I'd be passed on to a guy who could understand the problems, but no! She explained to me in great detail the internal workings and what needed to be done. Within 5 minutes I had a FedEx shipping label emailed to me (overnight none the less) and a RMA #. Can't ask for better customer service than that.

    All in all, I'd recommend the gun. It's nice to have a CC weapon that is also a joy to shoot.

  3. ARMT Guy

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    My wife bought one of these a little over a year ago and while she hasn't had a chance to shoot it much yet, her and I were both very pleased with it.

    The only issue there was with it, was that it tended to hang up on certain GA Arms FMJs and various types of HPs, ( like the 124gr GDs she generally uses. So, after having a gun smith friend polish up the ramp, there hasn't been a single feeding issue with any ammo we've ran through it since. :righton:

    A great little pistol! 8)