"Sportsman" Vote

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    A new nat'l poll of sportsmen finds that most hunters and anglers are conservative GOPers, but that the constituency swung from heavily GOP in '04 to about even between the two parties in '06. ..."

    "It found that sportsmen voted for Pres. Bush over John Kerry by over a 2-to-1 margin in '04. Hunters favored Bush, 65-15%, and anglers supported him, 54-27%. In '06, however, the poll found that two parties tied the sportsmen vote -- GOPers claimed 36% and Dems took 35%."

    "The biggest shift was in WY, where sportsmen supported Bush by a 70-17% margin in '04, but in '06 gave the GOP candidate 43% and the Dem one 35% -- a whopping 45-point shift. ..." ...

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