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I built a professional quality range on my Walton County A2 rural zoned property in July 2015. It's well documented with video blogs and photos being built and people shooting on it. It's clearly a range with 14' earth and timber back stop, gravel floor, target system, bench, props and flood lights.

It doesn't violate any known codes that I'm aware of. There have been a few calls on gunfire where the sheriff informed the callers I had a safe range and not breaking any codes or laws. I've always tried to bend to neighbor wishes and cooperate on the noise.

I'm an instructor and the range is covered by NRA insurance. I have paid students that come for coaching or I invite and authorize select individuals to come shoot. It's not open to the general public and it's also not a full business like a large gun club. I don't advertise or seek members outside my family, friends and circles.

I fully believe my range is protected and defined as a sport shooting range per Code Section 49-1-9 but a knowledgeable friend I respect believes this is not true. Can someone with intimate knowledge of these Ga laws confirm which of us is correct? He reads the law to require the range be open to the public for purchased memberships.

THANKS for your valuable time. I would prefer comments from subject matter experts if possible. I searched before I posted and only found one other similar topic. I did join as a member tonight to support the site.

Referencing this link.

(2) "Sport shooting range" or "range" means an area designated and operated by a person for the sport shooting of firearms and not available for such use by the general public without payment of a fee, membership contribution, or dues or by invitation of an authorized person, or any area so designated and operated by a unit of government, regardless of the terms of admission thereto.

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First, and this isn’t legal advice to your specific situation, the Range Protection law says it applies to ranges that are either paid-membership (or pay per visit) “or” by invitation.

If you as the owner are letting people come shoot by invitation, that fits the law’s language, right?

If you’ve got a real range with backstops and firing lines at known distances from it, it sure sounds like the type of range this law was meant to protect.

But...are you SURE this range complies with all county building codes, zoning and land use regs, business licensing and taxation rules, etc?

In some counties the regulations on shooting ranges are to tight and expensive to comply with, it would be better to NOT call your shooting area a “Range.”
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