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Up for trade/sale is a Kel Tec Sub 2000 9mm carbine that uses Glock 17 magazines (can also use the 33rd Glock mags)

About $70.00 in upgrades on the Sub-2000 as follows

The Sub has several upgrades from Kel Tec including:
- Front rail add on
- Sling mount (I may or may not have sling itself)
- Stock extension, not currently installed

Also has the following upgrades from Tacticool Products:
- Recoil Buffer Cylinder (reduces recoil significantly, but bolt won't lock back with it installed)
- Bolt Tube Cover (Looks way better and is way more comfortable for your cheek)
- Operating Handle Cover (makes charging handle easier to work and looks better)

Comes with 1 17 round Glock brand magazine (might be able to throw in 1 or 2 more mags depending on deal)

Trade interests:
- Quality red dot optics with AR-15 mounts (can add cash on my end)
- .223/5.56 ammo
- Quality, Hot 9mm ammo
- Other AR accessories
- Not really looking for firearms trades right now. Would like to get some ammo and/or outfit my AR

Cash Price: $340

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