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I have a stock 10/22 barrel that I had threaded for use with a suppressor. I used it for a couple hundred round with a suppressor and never had a baffle strike.

there is no front sight as it had to be removed to thread it.

this is the tappered stock barrel. because it is tappered I had the threading set back further than normal. I then had a "step up" spacer made to increased the surface area for the suppressor press against. I didn't like the fact that there was so little shoulder area to allow for clamping force. this is arguable not necessary but I did it anyway to try to cut down on the suppressor loosening up while shooting. I never had a problem with it loosening either so I guess it worked! the thread protector is parkerized.

$60 shipped SPF
USPS MO or discreet PP as a gift.

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