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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by mathar1, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Anyone here do pure speed/adrenaline shooting? Justin and I at work did a quick 3 target shoot. We made it a transition drill using my Kel-Tec Sub2k and our individual Glocks. Shooting for speed first, accuracy second. We shot at 3 targets. All were POST standard training targets and set one at 50ft , one at 60ft and one at 75ft. I got off 68 rounds (32 from the Kel Tec and 36 from the Glock) in 34.98 seconds including the transition and one reload. Scoring later I got an 88% GOOD hit factor at that speed. Practice pays off and I am now a speed junkie. Keep your bullseye target crap...I want more speed and better accuracy! :righton:
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    Sounds like fun. Too bad the indoor ranges don't allow rapid fire. I'm with you. I don't really care about shooting a bullseye. I've proved the gun shoots accurately. Let me work on making me faster. I can correct the accuracy of me from there.

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    You should go to Rogers Shooting School or take Todd Greens class "Aim Fast Hit Fast" low round count but very high demands.
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    This is exactly why I really don't like "going to the range". Stand there, static target, static shooter. Usually no rapid fire (maybe double-taps allowed, depends on the range). Sometimes no drawing from a holster.

    Screw that. I want to TRAIN and TEST myself. It's the sole reason I keep mulling over buying a membership out at South River. I can't get out there very often, but when I can get away, I want to make it work for me and be what I need to be working on. And bullseye shooting isn't it! :D
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    I've tried doing a little bit of this lately. Its a lot of fun, and definitely serves a self-defense purpose. The Quick and the Dead.

    In certain self-defense situation, speed and accuracy may be the difference between life and death.
  6. zxd9

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    Join USPSA and shoot against others. It's a blast to run and gun. Of course accuracy counts in this setting.
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    +1, except accuracy alone won't win. It's a combination of speed and accuracy. I've had higher scored points many times and been beat by someone who shot it faster but not quite as accurate.

    This past Saturday, I came in 2nd in one stage. I had 40 points (max possible) and shot the stage in 7.54 seconds. I was beat by a 13 year old who shot a 34, but did it in 6.39 seconds. The way the scoring works, using what's called "hit factor", he beat me by 0.3%!

  8. gunsmoker

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    The bowling pin shooting games are about good combination of speed and accuracy. Firing 5 or 6 shots in 5 to 7 seconds, and you only need to hit somewhere roughly near the center of a bowling pin.

    Still, this does take sight alignment and trigger control.

    It can't be as fast as just point-shooting, and jerking the trigger like I'm sure most of us would do under stress.

    Maybe the "bowling pin" game could be played with the pins at 10 or 15 feet?

    Reduce accuracy requirements, so you can shoot faster.
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    But I do go one indoor place where I can shoot as fast as I can. I usually load less per mag though, typically 3 to 4 rounds, work in some mag changes and a few malfunctions.