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    Deer Leads Police On Wild Chase Before Jumping From City Garage

    POSTED: 8:17 am EDT June 6, 2007
    UPDATED: 1:19 pm EDT June 6, 2007
    LANCASTER, Pa. -- A deer led police on a chase in Lancaster this morning.

    IMAGES: Deer Leaps From Downtown Garage

    Police said an injured deer showed up at Shaub's Shoe Store on the first block of North Queen Street around 6 a.m.

    Several cars had already hit the deer and it was badly injured. So, an officer shot it with a rifle. But the shot did not kill it. The deer got up and ran to the King Street Parking Garage where it proceeded to run up to the third story.

    Once there, the deer jumped, fell about 30 feet and landed in the Lancaster Convention Center site, narrowly missing a construction worker. The deer died on impact.

    A construction worker and foreman told News 8 that some of the workers took the deer and put in in a cooler. The workers said they plan to eat it.

    Police said it's the second incident involving a deer in the last week. On May 24 at noon, a deer ran into a cruiser at King and Prince streets. It dented the car in several places. That deer was also hit by cars and the officer had to shoot it. Part of that deer's trip through the city was caught on camera. If you'd like to see it, click on the slideshow link above, or here to watch the raw video.
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    Wonder what kind/caliber of rifle it was?

    I shot an injured deer one night, and the dang thing tried to get up afterwards. I had to shoot it again.

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    Thats crazy. Deer suicide of the third story.