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SouthNarc in Atlanta
IEK June 22nd at 6:00PM
ECQC 1 and 2 June 23rd and 24th at 8:30 AM
Cost $400.00 for the entire weekend
In-Extremis Knife, Managing Unknown Contacts & Practical Unarmed Combat (Friday evening)

The ShivWorks In-Extremis Knife course is a 4 hour block of instruction which focuses on a non-stylized method that will work with any edged weapon or any improvised weapon as well. The course places the knife or improvised implement within the usage context of realistic criminal assault and provides a simple decision making process for access and application. A heavy emphasis is placed upon disparate confrontations where the defender lacks proportional armament and equal initiative. Pre-fight and In-fight tactics to dissuade, break and recover from violent, criminal assault are practically bridged into tool access and the specifics of edged weapon application.

Topics and curriculum
. Parameters of criminal assault
. Awareness and distraction
. Challenging the potential attacker

*Managing Unknown Contacts
. Preemptive blade access
. Deceptive kinesics
. Default position
. Basic empty hand tools and the F.U.T.
. Theory of in-fight weapon access
. Convulsive draw-stroke and edge orientation
. Angles and application
. Clearing the impeded line
. The pakal jab
. Applying the skill-set to improvised weapons

Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (Saturday & Sunday)

Course Description: The ShivWorks Extreme Close Quarter Concepts (ECQC) course is a two day block of instruction which focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to building functional, combative handgun skills at zero to five feet. The course is designed to instill core concepts of seamless integration and provide the platform for aggressive problem solving during a life or death struggle. A heavy emphasis is placed upon commonality of body mechanics between skill sub-sets, which means that all combative software is reinforcing. Once the student's skill sets are initially ingrained, the participant will be stress inoculated with force on force drills utilizing Simunitions and protective equipment.

Day One
• Diagnostics
• Introduction to the components of the Combative Drawstroke
• Building the #2 position in live-fire
• Firing throughout the horizontal line of presentation
• Off-hand fending positions
• Default position
• Basic empty hand blows
• Theory of in-fight weapon access
• Grounded basics

Day Two
• Challenging the potential attacker
• Preemptive weapon access
• Muzzle aversion within draw-stroke
• Negotiating the F.U.T.
• ECQ Handgun retention in holster
• ECQ handgun retention out of holster
• Handgun recovery
• Handgun striking

Prerequisites: This class is not recommended for beginning shooters and prior documented training or instructor approval is required. Students should be relatively fit as this is a contact class. Most of the latter half of each day will be spent utilizing Simmunition marking cartridges and FIST helmets, to allow the students to gain confidence in applying their newly acquired skills against moving aggressive opponents.

Required Equipment:
• Holster, belt and magazine holder
• Pistol of .38 or greater,
• Two magazines or speed loaders,
• Eye & ear protection,
• Long pants and a heavy sweatshirt or soft body armor,
• Mouthpiece and cup,
• 500 rounds of ammo.

Bring the following equipment if you happen to have it:
Focus Mits
Blow Out/First Aid kit
FIST Helmet

How to reserve your spot:
Email me with the following statement: I WANT TO RESERVER A SPOT FOR SouthNarc and your deposit must be received within 5 working days. As soon as I receive your email I will give you the payment address in which you need to send your deposits.

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I have taken 8 classes from South Narc some more than once like ECQC 1 and 2. This class just gets better and better each time I take it.
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