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and a bunch of bad ones going on. Pay attention.*

The last 4 listed in c/p below would be great.

These are filed and starting the process.


*I am not soliciting donations for them, these are just copied from emails I receive.


Now that the drama of the speakership has been settled, the deluge has begun.

Gun bills have already been introduced left and right, some good, some bad, but all important.

While we will be addressing the specific bills in more detail as we gather more information, right now it's important to let our Representatives and Senators know that we expect them to only support bills that advance our rights.
Out the gate, here are some of the bills that have already been introduced:
  • H.R. 28 - A racist bill aimed at reporting those purchasing a firearm to Immigration & Customs Enforcement if the government suspects that you may not be in the country legally. This undoubtedly will be used to target political enemies of the state, like every other racist gun law.
  • H.R. 48 - Provide funding and resources to hire 200 more ATF jackboots. This doesn't even need explaining.

  • H.R. 52 - Require all firearms sold including government propaganda that pushes for "safe storage" practices and funds grants aimed at encouraging these practices. These are similar justifications for restrictive laws like what was challenged and overturned in the Heller V. DC case.

  • H.R. 152 - Removes "silencers' from the National Firearms Act, deregulating them on the federal level and opening them up to production and use without restrictive taxes and regulations.

  • H.R. 151 - removes "short-barreled shotguns" from the NFA.

  • H.R. 173 - removes "short-barreled rifles" from the NFA.

  • H.R. 53 - Prohibits the Federal Government from doing business with any entity that discriminates against the firearm or ammunition industries. For example, those shipping and financial institutions that target and discriminate against firearm manufacturers or retailers.
These are just a sampling of what's to come, some good, some bad, but all important. Most of these bills are still lacking text, so it would be unprofessional and ineffective for us to direct action for or against them specifically, but what we can do is call on our elected officials to ONLY support those laws that advance and protect our rights, while rejecting all those that would negatively impact our rights.

We will be keeping a close eye on these bills and all those that are introduced.

Stay on the lookout for emails from us as we analyze and track this legislation, and take action on ALL the emails we send. If we didn't think it was important or that it would have an impact, we wouldn't ask for it.

Our job is to keep you informed and fight like hell for our rights, and we take that job dead seriously.

Until we get more specific, take action below to demand that your elected officials do their job and protect your rights.
Let them know we will be watching them, very closely. Our finger is on the print button of our lawsuit printer, and we are looking for an excuse to send it.
Remember, the most important thing you can do to help us is to spread our message. Share this email with all your friends and family! And if you can, consider directly supporting FPC’s work by joining our grassroots army or making a donation. Without you, none of what we do would be possible.
Stay Free,

Firearms Policy Coalition
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