Soldier Marathon

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    Soldier Marathon
    All of the other runners had finished, the tents were packed up, most of
    the volunteers had gone home. But as this young lady finished her first
    marathon on the 10 year anniversary of being cancer-free, the soldiers
    from Ft. Benning, GA fullfilled their motto of "no man left behind".
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    Terri P Oneill
    What a memorable day!! I was the last runner. I was injured 2 weeks before the race and decide to do it anyway. I limped through the whole 26.2 miles and had my own personal escorts from 13 miles to the end. I was overwhelmed with the support of the police the volunteers and the soldiers as I walked the last 12 miles... to the finish. I could not have finished with out my personal escorts. I was so happy everyone decided not to make me stop and let me finish my slow trek through your beautiful course. When I finally made it to the finish line at 7:37 and all of those soldiers were lined up to give me a soldiers welcome I knew that I had to run to the clock. No way could I walk the last few yards. Please know how honored I was that men who train to protect me and my freedom, who quite possibly could one day gives their lives in the line of duty would stand up and honor a 52 year old stubborn cancer survivor was beyond words. Thanks for the memories. ... ermarathon